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Finding the perfect colour isnt always easy. Having hundreds of colours to choose from and trying to find the perfect shade, can sometimes be discouraging. However, with the Wigs For Women colours, you wont have this problem. We can ensure you that these colours will really make all the difference to your look.

At first glance, the Wigs For Womens may appear daunting, but Wigs For Women has actually made it very clear, as they have specified how each colour has been made up. This attention to detail is why the colours are so amazing!

The Wigs For Women chart is made up of letters and numbers, the number signifies the colour families that are being used in the wig, and the letter reflects the style or type of blending technic that has been used.

A wigs for black women can consist of a mix of colours from the same family or a mix from different families depending on the overall blend of hair required. The reason that the Wigs For Womens are so natural is because each colour has been blended differently to create a realistic tone.

Normally, human hair wigs undergo intense bleaching to remove most of the pigment, followed by colouring with permanent dye. However, with the Renau Natural RN Exclusive colours, these are natural shades that achieve vibrant hues and warmer tones without dyes, leaving the hair incredibly healthy and ready for custom colour and highlights (if desired).

The Fashion Syrup FS colours are specifically designed around current fashion-forward style shades. They add flair and style, with multiple colours highlighted into the base colour. Other highlighted colours include H which contains colours blended with 20% highlight and RH colours blended with 33% highlight.

With the Blended B colours, Wigs For Women blends their solid, base colours together, to achieve new colours that help mimic natural tones.

If you find an S in the colour code, it means Shaded/Gradient. These shades have roots which are coloured darker than the rest of the wig. cheap Wigs For Women has found that this has the most appealing effect of achieving coloured hair with natural re-growth.

Tipped T colours have highlights which run through the body of the wig, as well as the ends and tips. Youll find that the highlights are generally bolder towards the ends.

Whether you are an everyday wig wearer, or just buying for fashion, always make sure you choose a colour that matches your style and brings out your personality. The Wigs For Womens are a fabulous way of doing this and have a fantastic variety of colours, making it easy to find the perfect shade for you.

If you do need any help with any of the wigs for sale, please contact our expert team. Or, head over to our Simply Wigs online store to shop the fabulous Wigs For Women collection today!