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Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs are designed to conceal hair loss and give your hair that extra oomph. As each person is unique, Human Hair Wigss come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours in order to blend in with your existing hair and give you a more natural look.

Due to the wide range of Human Hair Wigss out there, it can be difficult deciphering how is best to style types of Human Hair Wigss in order to achieve your desired look. This guide will help you decide how to style your Human Hair Wigs in order to give you the most flattering and natural look, as well as offering some tips on how to correctly attach your Human Hair Wigs!

Just like with your natural hair, there are some hair types that style better than others. Human Hair Wigss are similar in this respect, and so the style you are going for may be more or less achievable depending on the hair type of your Human Hair Wigs. Just like regular wigs, Human Hair Wigss come in synthetic, human hair and heat friendly synthetic hair options.

The aim of a wigs human hair is to blend in with your own natural hair, many women prefer heat friendly synthetic hair or natural Human Hair Wigss. These topper types allow you to create texture with heated styling tools that closely resemble your own hair for a more natural look. These are ideal for those more confident with their styling abilities.

Synthetic Human Hair Wigss are also a great option for those that struggle to style their own hair! These toppers come in already styled curvy, wavy and straight textures that you can either match with your own hair style or your desired look. The synthetic Human Hair Wigss are also very easy to maintain whilst offering a high quality look.

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Hair loss or thinning can occur over any part of the scalp and therefore, for best coverage, there are different types of Human Hair Wigss designed for specific parts of the head.

Part Topper C Many women part their hair either to the left, right or straight down the middle. At the part, the skin of the scalp can be seen where the hairs separate. A topper is ideal for reducing the appearance of thinning hair and disguising the thinning hair around your parting.

Top Topper C Toppers worn at the top of the head can cover multiple areas of hair loss depending on the circumference of the topper.

Crown Toppers C the crown is the area at the top back of the head where the skull begins to curve out and downwards; crown toppers cover a rectangular area. This area is ideal for adding extra volume to your hair and hairstyle as well as reducing the appearance of thinning hair.

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The key to achieving the most fabulously natural look with your Human Hair Wigs is to blend it with your existing hair. Whilst there are a wide range of colours available, you arent guaranteed to find a perfect match to your hair tone. To combat this and achieve the most natural look, choose the closest matching colour and then have your natural hair professionally dyed to match the topper. Or, if a difference is barely noticeable, you might just be able to get away with it!

Its also important to note that the addition of a Human Hair Wigs can also offer an exciting opportunity to change up your looks completely. As Human Hair Wigss come in a very wide range of colours, particularly synthetic Human Hair Wigss, they can provide an opportunity to experiment with hair colours whilst keeping your natural hair intact and without having to wear a wig.

Watch this Jon Renau Tutorial for a demonstration of how to correctly apply and remove Human Hair Wigss.

The world of Human Hair Wigss can seem confusing with all the different types, shapes and colours available. However, we hope that this guide has helped to break it down and given you some ideas about how to style your Human Hair Wigs for a natural look.

Remember, its all down to personal preference and do not be afraid to experiment with different hair styles using your Human Hair Wigs.
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