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We¡¯ve answered your question on how long do Lace Front Wigs last, and now that you know it¡¯s all about proper wig care, it¡¯s time to read some of our lace front wig care tips below so you can keep your lace front looking fabulous for longer!

It¡¯s normal for your lace front wig to get dirty with everyday wear. So, you need to take the time to clean your wig properly, ensuring not to use too much force on the delicate lace attachment.

A hugely important factor in keeping your wig clean and in top condition is using the right wig care products. If you don¡¯t use specialist wig care products, whether that¡¯s human hair wig products or synthetic hair wig products, you¡¯ll damage your wig and shorten its lifespan.

A top tip is to have more than one wig on rotation. This helps to extend the lifespan of your human hair lace front wigs, reduces the number of times you need to wash them, and allows you to experiment with new styles.

Just like you need to wash your front lace wigs with care, you also need to wear it with care. Be especially gentle when putting on your lace front wig as you don¡¯t want to damage the delicate lacy layer. Also, refrain from pulling or tugging your wig with force. Keep in mind that when you¡¯re wearing a wig, it can be difficult to feel exactly how much pressure you¡¯re putting on it when you pull or move it.

We recommend storing your lace front wig on a wig stand to keep it in tip-top condition. A wig stand will help to prevent your lace front wig from becoming misshapen or tangled. You can also drip-dry your wig on a wig stand. This is especially effective when using a collapsible wig stand as their design enables the wig to breathe.

It mainly depends on how you treat them! Practising proper wig care is vital for a wig that lasts and looks fantastic. With lace front wigs, it¡¯s really important to be especially delicate when caring for, storing and wearing them. Have we mentioned that already?

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